Letterkenny Merch

Letterkenny Awards

Letterkenny has received numerous awards for its sharp dialogue and homages to small-town Canada. It won the Canadian Screen Award for best writing and best direction in 2018, 2019, and 2020 (to Jacob Tierney), the Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards for Best TV Comedy in 2017, and the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Direction, and Best Writing in 2017.  Individual performances by Keeso, Mylett, Dales, Forward, Playfair, and Johnston have also received multiple nominations for the show’s picture editing, casting, and sound.

Letterkenny Merch

Letterkenny Merchandise

Letterkenny.TV, the show’s official website, is the only authorized vendor of Letterkenny and Letterkenny Problems merchandise. A variety of casual apparel and hats, drinkware, stickers, and other accessories are available.

Crave sponsored a popup shop in Toronto March 17-19 at 277 Queen Street West, near the Bell Media offices, to coincide with the release of the St. Perfect’s Day holiday special. The shop sold a variety of clothing as well as set pieces from the hockey dressing room and a photo stand (Toronto Star). On Saturday, Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr signed autographs.

Letterkenny Overview

Letterkenny revolves around the titular small rural Ontario community, which takes its name from Letterkenny in Ireland and is mostly populated by descendants of Irish immigrants who fled the Great Famine of the 1840s. Most episodes begin with the following text: “Letterkenny has a population of 5000 people. These are their issues.” The show follows siblings Wayne and Katy as they run a small farm and produce stand with the help of Wayne’s friends Daryl (also known as “Dary”) and “Squirrely” Dan.

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